Frederick County IIT's GIS Team provides a number of resources for citizens, visitors, and organizations to view and obtain public information. Select an icon to use the resource.

Info At a Glance View 20 facts about your property, obtain recycling calendar, election polling place, historical imagery, measure and create custom maps. (Requires Adobe Flash Player 10.0+)

Crime At a Glance View current registered sex offenders, crime statistics for your neighborhood, and crime locations since 2006.(Requires Adobe Flash Player 10.0+)

Community Restoration Online Tour View detailed information about community restoration (such as native tree & shrub plantings, bioretention projects, wetland enhancement projects, and more) completed throughout Frederick County, MD. (Requires Javascript-enabled browser)

Address & Street Search View detailed street and address information, obtain countywide permanent and reserved street name lists. (Requires Adobe Flash Player 10.0+)

Survey Control Network View detailed information on survey control monuments throughout Frederick County. (Requires Adobe Flash Player 10.0+)

County Road Closures View a list of current county road closures and subscribe to RSS feed.

GIS Website Obtain map prints, addressing request/change forms, download GIS data, and more.